Download Shoulder Arthroscopy Biceps Tenodesis Rehab Protocol

0-4 Weeks:

  • Sling for Comfort
  • May discontinue after 4 weeks
  • Passive to Active shoulder ROM as tolerated
    • 140° Forward Flexion
    • 40° External Rotation with arm at side
    • Internal rotation behind back with gentle posterior capsule stretching
    • No rotation with arm in abduction until 4 wks
  • With distal clavicle excision, hold cross body adduction until 8wks
  • Grip Strength, Elbow/Wrist/Hand ROM, Codmans
  • Avoid Abduction and 90/90 ER until 8wks
  • No resistive elbow flexion until 8 wks

4-8 Weeks:

  • Discontinue Sling
  • Advance ROM as tolerated (Goals FF to 160°, ER to 60°)
  • Begin Isometric exercises
    • Progress deltoid isometrics
    • ER/IR (submaximal) at neutral
  • Advance to theraband as tolerated
  • No resisted elbow flexion until 8 wks

8-12 Weeks:

  • Advance to full, painless ROM
  • Continue strengthening as tolerated
  • Begin eccentrically resisted motion and closed chain activities
  • Only do strengthening 3times/wk to avoid rotator cuff tendonitis

Please note that these instructions are general guidelines to be followed; however, any written or verbal instructions provided by Dr. Nwachukwu supersede the instructions below and should be followed.