Download Tibial Osteotomy Rehab Protocol

0-6 Weeks:

  • Strict TDWB (Touch Down Weight Bearing) with crutches
  • Brace Locked in extension
  • May remove brace for ROM/hygeine
  • Unlimited ROM as tolerated (Passive, Active Assist)
  • Quad sets, co-contraction, ankle pumps

6-12 Weeks:

  • Advance to PWB (Partial Weight Bearing) (50%) weeks 6-8
  • May advance WBAT (Weight Bearing As Tolerated) after week 8
  • Unlock brace, D/C crutches when quad function adequate.
  • May wean from brace after 8 wks as tolerated.
  • Full unlimited Active/Passive ROM. Advance as tolerated.
  • Continue SLR, Quad sets. Advance to light open chain exercises, mini squats.
  • Begin hamstring strength week 10.

12-16 Weeks:

  • Full gait with normalized pattern
  • Full ROM
  • Begin treadmill walking
  • Progress to balance/Proprioception exercises.
  • Initiate sport specific drills

16 Weeks and Over:

  • Advance closed chain exercises
  • Focus on single leg strength
  • Begin light Plyometric program
  • Emphasize single leg loading

Please note that these instructions are general guidelines to be followed; however, any written or verbal instructions provided by Dr. Nwachukwu supersede the instructions below and should be followed.