In April 2021 while out running, I suffered a quadriceps rupture. Knowing I needed surgery, I went to HSS knowing I will get the best orthopedic care. At my consultation with Dr. Benedict Nwachukwu, he patiently explained to me the repair he will be performing and the timeline of recovery. Dr. Nwachukwu, with his amazing skill as a surgeon, made a great repair. I was able to be functioning again 3 months post-op. Because of the great surgical outcome I am now fully  recovered and was able to complete the 2022 United Airlines NYC Half Marathon. Along the way PA Erin Paolini and Athletic Trainer Jason D’Amelio also gave me great care and medical advice. I highly recommend Dr. Nwachukwu, his staff and HSS if you ever need orthopedic care.

 –  David Lee, Brooklyn, NY