Salzler M, Nwachukwu BU, Rosas S, Nguyen C, Law TY, Eberle T, McCormick F


The purpose of this article is to provide primary care physicians and other members of the medical community with an updated, general review on the subject of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears. We aim to enhance awareness of these injuries and to prepare those practicing in the primary care setting to address these injuries. Because ACL injuries are quite common, it is very likely that a primary care physician will encounter these injuries and need to address them acutely. The current literature is replete with new concepts and controversies regarding ACL injuries, and this article provides a concise review for our target audience in regard to the care of a patient with an ACL injury. This article is composed of an overview with current epidemiologic data, basic anatomy and physiology, clinical presentation, physical examination findings, imaging modalities, and treatment options. After reading this short article, a medical care provider should understand ACL injuries and their appropriate management.

View: State-of-the-art anterior cruciate ligament tears: A primer for primary care physicians.