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Chondral Defects of the Hip | Articular Cartilage Damage | Orthopedic Specialist New York City, NY

When the articular cartilage (the cartilage lining the end of the bones)has been injured or damaged, it’s referred to as a chondral defect. The articular cartilage is a slippery matter that allows for smooth motion between the end of bones in a joint. This cartilage is a tough, fibrous substance that covers the surface of the bones within a joint. When healthy articular cartilage is injured or damaged, it can lead to degenerative joint disease and joint pain. Natural wearing of the articular cartilage can also occur as a result of age, activity or sporting events. Chondral defects have a limited ability to heal or repair themselves due to the lack of blood supply. Dr. Benedict Nwachukwu specializes in a variety of hip conditions including chondral defects of the hip and articular cartilage damage.

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