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Bilogic Treatments | Orthopedic Specialist | Manhattan, New York, NY

Biologic treatments utilize the body’s own ability to heal and rebuild damaged tissue by using the body’s cells, blood, and other natural substances. With their regenerative potential, these treatments are quickly becoming the cutting edge of treatment and have risen to the forefront of orthopedics. The body uses small proteins (growth factors) to control the healing process. Bodily injuries prompt the body to rebuild and heal damaged tissues. Specialized cells called mesenchymal cells (MSCs) are specific to the musculoskeletal system and have the ability to adapt to varying tissue types including muscle, bone, tendon, and ligament. By channeling the biologics to an injured site, the body begins to accelerate the healing process. Dr. Benedict Nwachukwu, orthopedic biologics specialist now offers these treatments to patients in Manhattan, New York City and the surrounding New York boroughs.

Patient Education:  Biologic Treatments

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